Bromley Borough Foodbank


Foodbank is an exciting new venture that The Oak feels called to embark upon.  The best way to understand what Foodbank is and how it operates is to look at the video below produced by The Trussell Trust 


Our vision is to establish a Foodbank that feeds those in greatest need in the surrounding area, expresses the love of God in word and deed and enables churches to mobilise together to alleviate poverty in the Bromley Borough .  The Oak Community Church is working in partnership with The Trussell Trust to join with them in their network of over 250 Foodbanks across the country.  We are also looking to establish this as a concern that many churches in the surrounding area can all be involved in.

Foodbank helps when there is a crisis in the family, for example:

 ~When benefit is delayed

 ~When people are suddenly without work and have no money for food.



 ~Collects food donated by local people

 ~Sorts food and stores it at the centre

 ~Gives vouchers to organisations such as doctors, health visitors, social workers and school support workers - these agencies give the vouchers to thoses they feel are in need

 ~ Gives 3 days of nutritionally balanced food when the voucher is taken to the foodbank centre by the client.


Foodbank will offer the client a listening ear, a cup of tea or coffe and offer sign posting to help the client with their needs.

We launched "Orpington Foodbank" during Easter 2010. This has now become "Bromley Borough Foodbank".  We are operating from a premesis in Cotmandene Crescent. The address is 111 Cotmandene Crescent, St Pauls Cray BR5 2RB. For more information please contact us on 07774526562 or 020 8302 7909. We now have a second distribution centre in Bromley. The address is United Reformed Church, Widmore Road Bromley and the telephone number is 07884317107. The Cotmandene Foodbank Centre is open on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 10am until 2pm. The central Bromley Foodbank Centre is open on  Tuesday 10am until 2pm and Thursday 12-4pm. If you would like to get involved or require further information please complete the form below:


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Foodbank for Lent


The congregation  of the Oak were invited to partake in foodbank for the first three days of lent.  If you would like to hear how this worked please listen to the short outline provided by David Tate.

Listen to David explain how this will work here.

Reg. Charity No. 1086478