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Coronavirus Updates

We will use this page to provide all updates on the impact of Coronavirus.

29th March 2020 update

Church Online will be accessible from Sunday 29/3/20 10:20am through a Facebook watch party we are hosting via our Facebook page "The Oak Community Church

For those not on Facebook you should be able to watch the service through a YouTube playlist here. If you want to follow along in real-time with those on Facebook please start watching this video playlist at 10:20am.

If you want to sing along to the songs we have produced a word sheet here.

After the service we will be holding a virtual get together using the Zoom platform. All you need is a laptop or smartphone with a camera and microphone. You can either download the Zoom app (for iPhone or Android) or just go to their website here. Whether you are using the App or a browser this link should get you connected to the Zoom meeting after church. If you need to enter the meeting ID it is 746 235 217

21st March 2020 update

Here's how there will be church on Sunday 22/3/20 via our Facebook page "The Oak Community ChurchYou may benefit from the words for the worship song here.

18th March 2020 update

There will be church on Sunday 22/3/20 via our Facebook page "The Oak Community Church"

17th March 2020 update

This message was sent to our church members through Facebook, email and WhatsApp groups:

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but he has given us a spirt of power, love, and self-discipline.” 2 Timothy 1:7

That was the message I preached to you on Sunday. We are people of faith, not fear. We do not need to be afraid. Our king is on the throne and our Father cares deeply for us.

 We’ve been given a spirit of power. The power to pray. So, keep praying. Our prayer life should deepen through this season. We’re going to come together through our Facebook prayer page to pray together tonight, Tuesday 17th at 8pm.

 We’ve been given a spirit of love. God’s love to be shown to those around us. Reach out to your neighbours and your community. Offer them a listening ear and help where you can.

 We’ve been given a spirit of self-discipline. We don’t panic and we don’t give up our personal disciplines of prayer, Bible study, time with God and meeting together as a church.

 Now that last one is going to become trickier. The government has advised we should implement “social distancing”. They’ve explicitly said that all religious communities should not gather together. They’ve asked us to do this so that we slow down the spread of Covid-19. And in doing so we protect the elderly and vulnerable. So, we save lives. As a church we want to support government advice and we definitely want to save lives.

 So, I’ve spoken to the elders, the leaders and the trustees and we have all agreed to stop all church meetings for the time being. We won’t gather on Sunday mornings; we won’t meet together for prayer on Tuesday evenings or Friday mornings and we won’t hold music practices on Thursday evenings. But we won’t stop being the church. We will be creative, inventive and use all means possible to stay connected with each other. We’re still working out how we might do that.

 We’re looking for the ways that the most amount of people can feel included in. Some of you use Facebook, some don’t. Some of you are self-isolating, some of you are free to travel. Some of you are feeling well, and some are unwell. But will try our best to include as many as possible. Some things will work and some wont. We will learn as we go.

 Currently we have two main ways to keep you updated. The main ways are through our website – or our Church Facebook page.

 Can I just ask one thing of you at this time? Can I ask that If you are not already a user of WhatsApp that you download this to your phone? It’s free and uses your internet connection to send and receive message. I believe this will be one of the ways we will seek to connect and care for each other in the coming weeks. Getting everyone onto WhatsApp will be a really helpful step in keeping you up to date and keeping you connected. If you have any ideas, please do let me know as well.

 Keep your Sunday morning free. We will do something I’m sure. We’re working it out.

And if you can join us for prayer through our Facebook Prayer Group page tonight please do.

 We love you. We’re praying for you.

 God bless