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Our Calendar

We have a Google Calendar below where you can see all that's going on at the church. If you need to know the location of any meeting simply click on the name of the meeting. 

If you want to add anything to the diary email us using the button below.

Key dates for your diary

Sunday 26th December

Putting up the Church Decorations. Please stick around after church to put up the Church Decorations. We want to look especially colourful this year as we prepare for our Santa's Grotto on the 16th December.

Saturday 9th December

Preparations for Santa's Grotto. Please come along at 10am for a morning getting the grotto and various props built and ready.

Sunday 10th December

Setup and practice for the grotto. Please stick around after church to get the church and back room ready for Santa's Grotto on the 16th December.

Saturday 16th December

Santa's Grotto. Please speak with Vivienne about how you can get involved and help this event.

Sunday 24th December

No Church Service. We know the day before Christmas can be incredibly busy for many people so we will not be having church on Sunday but instead will meet on Monday (Christmas Day) to worship together. If you want to gather on Sunday please visit one of the many wonderful local churches.

Leather Notebook
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