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Our People

Our church is led by a team of people working together

God calls all of us to serve the church and to serve the world around us. Some serve in leadership roles and are accountable for the various aspects of the church such as setting direction, leading ministries, caring for the church, and administration.

Pastor Trevor and Karen

Our Leadership Team

The Bible calls those who run the church the Elders. They work together as a team to provide spiritual direction, care and oversight to the life of the church. The leadership team support the Elders in the overall running of the church and care for the people.

Our Trustees

Our trustees provide a legal and financial framework for the church to operate within.  A statutory requirement for any charity, the trustees ensure we are publicly accountable for our financial and practical administration. 

Ministry Leaders

We're blessed that our key ministries are led by those who have a God given passion and calling to serve others in this way.

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